Love Story by Guy Aroch

Me considero una soñadora, me gusta fantasear con el momento perfecto, el amor verdadero, la confianza y que siempre podremos encontrar el final del arcoiris, solo necesitamos buscarlo.
El amor es un concepto ordinario para muchos, para mi, es un concepto lleno de sentidos e impulsos. Es un sentimiento que nos llena de emociones y que nos hace vivir la vida con intensidad. Estas fotos muestran un amor lleno de esas emociones... La idea de crear una historia como esta en un concepto mas fashion es increíble.

I consider myself a dreamer, I like to fantasize about the perfect time, true love, trust and that we can always find the end of the rainbow... we need just to look for it. Love is an ordinary concept for many people, for me, is a concept full of meaning and impulses. It's a feeling that fills us with emotions and makes us live life intensely. These photos show a love full of emotions... The idea of create a love story in a most fashionable concept is amazing.

This dreamy story was shot by Guy Aroch for the May issue of Interview Russia
Last but not least I just say that the styling is perfect featuring the designs of Chanel, Hugo Boss, Dior Homme, Carven and others.


Everything looks better in Lace

I just found this editorial and I think is exquisite. The girl dons feminine lace pieces in Chris Nicholls' latest work featured in the May issue of Flare. The pieces make a wardrobe of high-low looks from labels such as Dolce & Gabbana, Prada and Topshop for the alluring shoot. I specially like the stylish that brings a modern edge to the flirty frocks. 


Happy Bday 2 Me

Last saturday was my birthday, and I enjoyed a beautiful day with my friends and family. I was kind of nervous because I had such bad luck with the weather in the last birthdays celebration. But for this time everything was on my side jeje... Perfect weather and the best company to have an excellent party.

You must know that it was not all about me, my boyfriend also had his birthday last week so we use to plan this kind of parties to invite all our friends and enjoy together! I think it's fantastic and I also love it because we have a lot of friends in common, so is easy to get together.

On this occasion we wanted to have a big picnic and have the opportunity to play and have a more dynamic party. I don't know if it's because I'm getting older, but we are kind of tired to go out to clubbin'... I mean, we do this every weekend so we skip it for this celebration.

Today it's all about remember good memories and see happy and spontaneous faces... Moments that I love to capture with my camera for life. Welcome to my world people... !!!


Beach Time - Acapulco

La semana pasada tuve vacaciones y mi novio, mis amigos y yo nos fuimos a Acapulco. Es buenísimo tener algunos días de descanso y poder pasar tiempo juntos.
La vida ya es suficientemente complicada y bastante desgastante; así que como todos tenemos trabajos diferentes, siempre es bueno encontrar un time off para poder reunirnos todos y descansar de la vida diaria. Es bastante claro que ese problema es universal, ya que medio DF huyó a la playa para distraerse un poco de la cotidianidad de la ciudad y el esfuerzo de ir a trabajar cada día.
Acapulco es el lugar perfecto para ir y disfrutar... Sol, clima perfecto, con un hermoso mar y con la gente mas divertida para pasar unas buenas vacaciones. Me la pase increíble!

I had vacation last week and my friends and I went to Acapulco. It's really nice to have some days off and have the opportunity to spend some time with my friends and boyfriend. 
Life is hard and now that we have different jobs, it's difficult to get together more often. It is quite clear that this problem is universal, because half of Mexico City came to the beach to distract of the everyday life of the city and the effort to go to work.
Acapulco is the perfect place to be... Sun, amazing weather, beautiful sea and the craziest company to enjoy vacation. I had the best time ever!