Holiday Wardrobe 2014 - PART II

The year it's almost gone... how has your Holiday season been so far? I hope you've been doing great. As I promised, here it's the second part of my Holiday wardrobe ideas for this 2014. I hope last post gave you some good ideas, or at least it was a good excuse to play... AGAIN, with this fashion craziness.
I don't know if I will be able to post again cause my parents are coming to Richmond TODAY, so I will be playing tourist guide over this next weeks. I'm super excited to spend Christmas with my family and have the opportunity to show them my new neighborhood, jeje. I will try to stay connected, but if I don't, I want to wish you all a HAPPY MERRY XMAS & a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

The lace dress
Nunca pasará de moda cualquier vestido con encaje. Este tipo de vestidos serán una salvación para esos días que no quieres esforzarte demasiado y que simplemente te harán lucir increíble. Yo compré el mío en BCBG, en las rebajas de Black Friday y la verdad es que a pesar de ser muy sencillo se ve divino puesto. Puedes coordinarlo con un par de tacones y darle ese toque chic con un saco o abrigo oversize. // A nice fitting lace dress never gets old. The best thing about a lace dress is that it's one of those things you can throw on last minute and know it looks good! I bought mine up from BCBG and it simply looks great every time I wear it! You can add a nice pair of heels and style it with a oversize coat.


Holiday Wardrobe 2014 - PART I

Today, let me introduce you to Pablo Parra. Besides of being a graphic designer, Pablo also has an amazing blog, called Fungi Express, where he shows his passion for fashion illustrations. You already know how much I love illustrations, so when I saw Pablo's work I invited him to collaborate with me on this special post. Hope you like it...!!!

The best time of the year is officially here! And no, this time it is not about the season of giving and spending time with family, what I'm referring to is the Holiday party season! Whether your plan is to be naughty or nice this party season, you want to look good, right? This is why I decided to create four different holiday wardrobes to inspire you what to wear on these occasions.
My rule is to focus on one feature piece and add other simple (basic) elements to your outfit.
Over the years I've accrued a number of pieces that usually come out around this time of the year, but it wouldn't be the party season without adding a few new piece.

Here go the first two outfits, enjoy!

Something sparkly
Que otro día del año podemos usar prendas que nos hagan brillar casi como arbolito de navidad (bueno, tal vez Vegas)? Si usar algo brillante te hace sentir un poco nerviosa, escoge una prenda que tenga reflejos brillantes y combinala con piezas básicas que te harán resaltar sin hacerte sentir como disco ball. Yo en esta ocasión escogí unos pantalones con textura brillante de H&M y los combine con una sudadera de neopreno y unos zapatos de holograma. Puedes agregarle algo divertido, como este gorro de Mickey mouse, para darle el toque fiestero. // What other time of the year can you dress like a christmas ornament (well, maybe Vegas)? If dressing wearing something sparkly makes you feel a little nervous, one options is to pair your shiny item with simple separates and accessories. I picked the textured sparkly pants by H&M and I styled it with a neoprene sweatshirt and hologram heeled sandals. Added something fun to get the "party mood", like I did with this Mickey mouse hat. 


If It Makes You Happy

Last Monday, I layered in yellow gold + leopard print + white skinnies and my Alexander Wang shades from H&M. If you would ask me to choose a personal favorite from this outfit, I would go for  my studded Schutz boots. Which topped off with a sassy fur (seasons must have), styled with my skinny jeans and a basic turtle neck form Zara, make the perfect match.
If it makes you happy... you shouldn't care about what people say about the way you look. Find pieces that make you feel comfy. So go ahead, mix it up and see what happens... You might be surprised :p  


Little Wild One

Nunca subestimen el poder de un vestido básico y del impacto que puede tener si sabes escoger las prendas educadas para hacer de un outfit, algo divertido y original. Encontré este vestido en la tienda Madewell durante la rebajas del black friday, y después de descuento sobre descuento, termine pagando solo 20 dólares por él. Mejor ocasión no pude encontrar para coordinarlo con mi sombrero de Maison Marion Maret y uno de mis collares favoritos de Zara, los cuales resaltaron el outfit entero. El clima cada vez se siente más frío, es por eso que aprovecho para usar abrigos como este, los cuales aparte de ayudarte a aguantar las bajas temperaturas, hacen de un simple look, algo fabuloso! 
Disfruten de su semana. Besos, Danny



Finally I found time to talk about Alexander Wang latest pre-fall 2015 collection. I consider myself a "tomboy look" lover, and maybe that is one of the reasons I'm so addicted to Alexander's work. I love how he creates such a incredible mix of sexy, messy attitude, with a sporty side in every collection; it's like he borrowed some boy qualities to add the special touch on his lady designs. I'm just in love with all his work and his latest collection is no exception. Check out my fav looks!


Bright As Yellow

Me encanta reciclar ropa de las temporadas pasadas. La verdad es que siempre trato de tener en mi closet ropa atemporal, la cual me gusta rehusar como básicos agregando detalles de las nuevas temporadas. En esta ocasión quise crear un look con este tipo de prendas. Se que hoy en día la misma mercadotecnia te hace sentir mal si usas cosas "viejas", pero yo pienso que también tiene su encanto saber combinarlas y ver que puedes seguir viéndote cool en ellas.
Mi outfit del día de hoy combina estampados y tejidos con algunos accesorios brillantes. Perfecto para salir sin morirte de frío en el intento! El toque especial de todo el look es mi adorado Audacious lipstick "Charlotte" de NARS, perfecto para esta temporada de Otoño.

No shiny new pieces here... I decided to wear all recycled clothes from a few seasons or so back. It's fun to rediscover old gems from your closet. This outfit mixes prints from Forever 21 and knits by Zara and Pull&Bear with shiny accessories. I decided to wear my awesome Audacious lipstick "Charlotte" by NARS, perfectly synced with this fall season.


Rising Up

Estos días de poco frío son perfectos para no forrarte de capas y capas de ropa, es por eso que quise armar un outfit cómodo y lo suficientemente calientito para salir. Las sudaderas están de vuelta, y aunque son un basic puedes darle un toque chic con estampados divertidos como yo hice en este caso. Si sigues teniendo frío ponte un suéter tipo cardigan como este modelo de Topshop que sale de lo clásico con estoperoles en los hombros. No pude encontrar mejor combinación para este par, que estos tacones color nude, calcetines con olanes, y unos skinny jeans color gris. 

Yesterday, wearing comfortable from the ankles up with a perfectly long cardigan and a sweatshirt from Topshop. I highly recommend to style these babies together! I can't think of a better finish to this combo that a pair of nude high heels, crochet trim socks, and grey skinny jeans. I added cute necklaces from Lola Bassó and Accessorize <3 

On the other hand, I'm starting to play with my hair style with this cotton candy hair trend! Fortunately I find my lucky start to make it possible. Her name is Mary Case and she is a hairstylist from 1213 HairStudio. So if you want to try some new styles (and you live near Richmond), she is the right person to make it happen!