Holiday Wardrobe 2014 - PART II

The year it's almost gone... how has your Holiday season been so far? I hope you've been doing great. As I promised, here it's the second part of my Holiday wardrobe ideas for this 2014. I hope last post gave you some good ideas, or at least it was a good excuse to play... AGAIN, with this fashion craziness.
I don't know if I will be able to post again cause my parents are coming to Richmond TODAY, so I will be playing tourist guide over this next weeks. I'm super excited to spend Christmas with my family and have the opportunity to show them my new neighborhood, jeje. I will try to stay connected, but if I don't, I want to wish you all a HAPPY MERRY XMAS & a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

The lace dress
Nunca pasará de moda cualquier vestido con encaje. Este tipo de vestidos serán una salvación para esos días que no quieres esforzarte demasiado y que simplemente te harán lucir increíble. Yo compré el mío en BCBG, en las rebajas de Black Friday y la verdad es que a pesar de ser muy sencillo se ve divino puesto. Puedes coordinarlo con un par de tacones y darle ese toque chic con un saco o abrigo oversize. // A nice fitting lace dress never gets old. The best thing about a lace dress is that it's one of those things you can throw on last minute and know it looks good! I bought mine up from BCBG and it simply looks great every time I wear it! You can add a nice pair of heels and style it with a oversize coat.

Sequin dress
Cualquier vestido con lentejuelas grita, "sí, estoy lista para la fiesta". Que mejor manera para cerrar el año que usando uno de estos vestidos, para mi, esenciales para estas fiestas Navideñas. Si no te alcanzo para comprar un par de zapatos nuevos, no te preocupes, con ese "exceso" de brillo en la parte de arriba de tu outfit nadie se tomará la molestia de voltear hacia abajo. Agrega un maquillaje glam y algunos accesorios para hacerlo más divertido. // A sequin dress that say "yes, I'm ready to party" is, some might say, an essential during the holiday season. Add a touch of sparkle on the top of your outfit and a glam make up to get the PARTY look as I did with this H&M green dress.

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