From Time

I'm so looking forward to see what this next season is going to bring! I am finally able to skim through my closet to find a good look. As the center piece of my first FW look, I chose my new favorite Altuzarra boots from Target. This pair of high boots looks great with almost everything, from skirts  to form jeans, dresses or shorts; my choice for this outfit is this runway skirt by BCBG with a crop top sweater from Zara. To bling the look I wear a bold necklace from Sassy Jones Boutique, my latest discovery in Richmond.


#DFfürImmer - Part III

 Last but not least... my favorite moment of the night, our first dance!! It was so magical that I cannot find the words to describe how amazing it was. I had to wait 7 years to have my first slow dance jajajaja..., yes many years I know, but the wait was worth every second, specially when we were looking into each others eyes. In this very moment, I felt like I was the prettiest girl in the world jeje... but most importantly, I felt the happiest and luckiest girl to found someone like you, mi guapito!

Ich liebe dich meine Schatz <3  


#DFfürImmer - Part II


Han pasado siete años ya desde que comenzamos esta relación y la historia de nuestra vida juntos. El día de hoy marcamos el inicio de nuestro matrimonio y de una etapa nueva en nuestras vidas. Hoy volteo atrás y me doy cuenta de todo lo que hemos compartido y por eso doy gracias a Dios por haberme permitido cruzarme en tu camino ya que gracias a eso he podido crecer como persona y sobre todo darme cuenta de lo importante que es tener alguien como tú a mi lado, lo cual me hace sentir plena cada día.
Hoy reafirmo que quiero compartir contigo mi felicidad... y es porque tú has correspondido a ese amor y respeto que te tengo.
Siempre he creído que las cosas pasan por algo y que cada uno tiene escrito un camino. Quiero decirte ante todos que mi compromiso contigo es ser la mejor versión de mi para ti, cuidarte y apoyarte en lo que decidas. Este camino que iniciamos es de los dos y quiero que sepas que tomaré de tu mano para recorrerlo juntos y compartir y crear un proyecto de vida en conjunto.
Este día es muy especial por el simple hecho que celebramos el amor que nos tenemos en compañía de la gente que nos vio crecer como pareja.
Te amo hoy y siempre...



#DFfürImmer - Part I

I'm back and happier than ever!! 
I didn't want it to post anything 'till I had some pics to show from our "swiss-mexican wedding". Yes, finally I got married and I struggle to find the words to describe this feeling. I just think that I am the luckiest girl on the planet :D

I want to dedicate this first post to all the people who helped me to make this day even more special than it already was.
I want it to thank Leticia Llera, who created the most exquisite wedding rings I have ever seen. It was fantastic for us to participate in the creation since Leticia took her inspiration from special interviews we had with her about our relationship and lives together.. We didn't see the final design until the wedding day and we where overwhelmed when we saw the final result. Pure artistic and creative design <3


Barely Breathing

Somebody told me that this outfit resembled what we call (here in Mexico) a "godínez" style. For many people, this kind of "office look" could represent the boring side of us and looks less than attractive. But since I have some meetings during the week, I decided to wear something formal and trying not to look so "godínez" at the same time. I chose to wear this pencil skirt from Zara since the weather start to feel a little cool in the mornings. I recently found this perfect cardigan from H&M to layer over my basic white blouse by Benetton. I declare myself a huge fan of cardigans and I am more than happy to start use them again.

I have been working non stop during my stay in Mexico... and on top of that the wedding preparation consumes a lot of time and energy. Time flies so fast and I didn't have enough time to take pictures and talk about everything I've been doing so far. I just can tell you that I'm more than happy to be here and to have the opportunity to see my family and friends and work at the same time. I will travel to San Miguel de Allende (where my wedding is going to be) tomorrow morning so I promise to take some pictures so you can see what a beautiful place it is! Kisses, Danny